Technology of the four-wheel drive when understanding constant of Ao Di QUATTRO

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No matter be four-wheel driveSteamCar

The car is when linear travel, the speed of 4 wheels is identical, but when the car is turning, the circumstance differred completely. Can see from inside the graph, when the car is turning, the radius of the arc that 4 wheels place has delimited not appearance. The car is in right when changing direction left (outside side) the radius of the wheel is compared on the right side of (inside) the radius of the wheel is big, the line that side wheel has pressed beyond place is long, the route that inside wheel has controlled is short. If want to bend that smoothly to must want to let outboard wheel turn more quickly too, the wheel of inside turns slower, if rise two or so drive wheel with the join of transmission shaft tigidity, consequence canned be imagined, transmission shaft must be broken off cannot. The wheel that so with respect to need a device allows two side produces rotate speed difference, this device that makes two side wheel produces rotate speed to differ is differred namely fast implement. He can divide a torsion that passes by transmission shaft into two moment that can produce different rotate speed to deliver a wheel through axle shaft respectively. Pursue as follows:

The graph is difference fast implement basic construction. The output of engine moves what force passes transmission shaft to go up to come loose model gear delivers difference fast implement the final decelerate gear that go up, drive installation to turn in the planetary gear above it by final decelerate gear again. Planetary gear drives axle shaft gear to turn, drive a wheel to turn through axle shaft thereby. When the car is undertaking linear travel, the wheel rotate speed of all both sides is identical, right now planetary gear does not work, drive axle shaft gear to turn directly by planetary gear axis; When the car is turning, planetary gear begins roll to drive roll of two or so axle shaft thereby, generation rotate speed is poor.

This is traditional difference fast implement working principle, but he can fall in the action of outside force only, adjust the rotate speed of or so wheel, can not control wheel allocation torque according to needing. Normally it just gives the master piece outside sufferring to use little a side wheel rotate speed allocation. My door can be imagined, if a wheel skids idling, what kind of can the circumstance be? Because skid the wheel of a side lost adherent power; And did not skid the wheel of a side still is put in greater adherent power. So poor fast implement give adherent force little a side wheel with respect to a can automatic rotate speed allocation. Such result is, when a wheel skids, all motivation are delivered in that skidded wheel, make car cannot move.
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