Technology of the four-wheel drive when constant of Ao Di QUATTRO

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When because car is in,changing direction, around axis has rotate speed to differ, after on drive or van model, difference of this kind of rotate speed won't affect travel, but go up in AWD, if the rear axle before rigid join, with respect to meeting resembling rigid join controls a wheel same consequence is self-evident. Since around axis has power, with respect to need one is differred fast implement the rotate speed of the rear axle before balance is poor, resemble difference fast implement the rotate speed difference that can adjust or so rounds is same. This differentia fast implement make central difference fast implement. Had difference fast implement, he can give that side wheel with suffocate suffocate lesser force dynamical allocation, and had central difference fast implement, he can give suffocate suffocate power dynamical allocation lesser before / rear. But smooth outfit is differred fast implement it is insufficient, we can be imagined, since be in,differ fast implement below action, motivation can be passed to the wheel with suffocate suffocate lesser force, so, if skid when a wheel, or when a wheel is impending, how is the result met? The result is, impending / idling of skidded that one wheel, other 3 wheels that have attrition with the ground cannot get motivation. Whole platform car is not so active play. This kind of 4 drive are no point. To solve this problem, fast lock must be differred in the center of mount. His action is, when certain wheel idling (namely: When difference of wheel rotate speed is too big) chain automatically skid or the drive axle of the idling, send partial motive force the drive axle with suffocate suffocate greater power, let a car continue to maintain driving force. The structure of limiter of this kind of differential is steel is being decorated on transmission shaft piece, when around axis rotate speed is identical, the steel that decorates the transmission shaft in drive front axle to go up piece with the steel that decorates the transmission shaft in drive rear to go up piece, rotate speed identical or close (when changing direction) , sliding friction does not happen between them, or the attrition force of generation is lesser. Do not deliver pitching moment so; Current rear axle when rotate speed difference is too big (some wheel skids or impending when) steel piece between generation sliding friction, can rely on sliding friction force to send moment of force to obstruction so larger wheel, achieve the result that differential qualifies. This is the most traditional differential limiter. Bit more advanced is the differential limiter that takes an electron to differ fast lock,
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