Double dragon in all course derv engine

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Most consumer to dervCar

Derv is hot, all over the world all like that

No matter the derv engine in the past is in,home market is how be elbowed out, in and other places of Japan, Europe, this kind motivation configuration is the market however a large amount of. Do obeisance to the favor of science and technology, in fact, these year come, output of power of derv engine driven, movement is delicate degree, exhaust emission or noise restrains all along waiting for a face to look, have the tendency that chases after benzine engine continuously, the fuel efficiency that increases derv itself relatively beautiful, discharged carbon dioxide is inferior, retain all the time in foreign market stable sale space, be in the Europe that takes environmental protection topic for discussion seriously quite especially the market, the city of small-sized derv car is occupied leading is to chase the year's harvest to grow more; According to the estimation of J.D.Power LMC, global derv is smallCar

Ssangyong Rexton 270 XDi can say is dervCar