The RX8 double rotor of insanity making a person

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The graph is engine of a rotor on anatomize a photograph. Can see from inside the graph, his construction is very simple, as a whole, formed its noumenon by cylinder body and rotor and take-off namely.

Compared with the brace linkage mechanism with piston enormous engine, complex compressed air distribution mechanism, its construction can say to be carried on the back a lot of simplier, athletic component also has rotor and take-off only, without spiracle, without camshaft, not when chain. How can so simple fellow output 231 strong high-power? It looking in light of us is how to turn rise.

We know, engine of traditional piston reciprocating type, it is to rely on connecting rod and crankshaft to change the linear campaign of the piston into whirligig. And the high-pressured gas that relies on benzine combustion generation drives the piston, so from combustion, need a very complex brace linkage mechanism to change to the output of torque coming back. Where is rotor engine? Whats are done not have, it uses the high-pressured gas that burns generation to drive rotor to rotate directly. It also has 4 stroke, as engine of piston reciprocating type, also divide into gas, compress, do work and exhaust, but it is not rely on spiracle shut those who will control take a breath, be opposite through rotor oneself however enter vent those who sweep gas to have take a breath (if pursue) :

As above graph, rotor rotates for the clockwise, should sweep gas before sweeping the mouth that take energy of life, as the motion of rotor, the volume of cylinder will be larger and larger, right now as it happens produces negative pressure to take energy of life, should sweep gas after sweeping the mouth that take energy of life, stop into gas; Move as rotor continuity, the volume inside cylinder will be minorrer and minorrer, compress stroke what undertake right now namely; When cylinder cubage small arrive when adjacent and critical value, sparkplug ignition, the gas mixture inside ignition crock, aeriform quickness expands, drive rotor to continue the clockwise is rotational, subsequently cylinder cubage greatens, should sweep enrage a motion to arrive when vent, acting is finished; Sweep gas after sweeping vent, vent and cylinder are interlinked, begin exhaust stroke right now, rotor still the clockwise moves, cylinder cubage decrescent, eduction of the waste gas inside the crock, such loop goes down.
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