Technology of turbine pressure boost is analytic

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The graph is the working principle of a system of simple turbine pressure boost on. Of the blue in the graph for air inlet duct, it is vent-pipe gulesly. From the arrowhead in the graph point to see very easily: From the waste gas of the eduction in engine cylinder, be introduced through vent-pipe place of waste gas turbine, because engine waste gas has the character of high temperature high pressure, accordingly his itself contains very big energy. These capabilities are full can drive turbine of a waste gas with the 100 thousand turn speed in every minutes high speed rotates. Waste gas turbine drives gas turbine to rotate with same rate through intermediate axis, such, can compress fresh air in great quantities, in order to increase air density. Because sky is baric the meeting is radiative after shrinking, pass to avoid the temperature inside cylinder tall and cause benzine nature, in must introducing high-pressured air first so cold implement undertake cooling, ability of cool the following air allows safe inside cylinder combustion.

The graph is the structure that turbine pressure boost enrages on. The arrowhead from inside the graph points to the working process that sees turbine pressure boost is enraged very easily. Here should put forward a crucial orgnaization, that is the lubricant system of turbine wheel shaft. Can not look down upon this bearing between two turbine lamina, its working environment is very abominable. Imagine not hard, the platoon of engine implement temperature is very tall, it should fall in so high temperature case, with minutely 100 thousand turn the rotate speed of above tells to rotate, this is high temperature resistant to it but wear-resisting function raised very tall requirement. On the housing of this bearing so specially opened two hole, pass these two aperture, because enter partial lube, let intermediate axis can suspension does high speed to rotate on oily film, such ability make sure it has better dependability and durable sex.

The grade that turbine supercharger differentiates to differ according to the diameter of turbine normally. Turbine diameter is bigger, so reduce airy capacity stronger, pressure boost cost is so higher, so the power that engine produces is greater. But pressure boost is worth cannotInfinite

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