Feminine money had better earn articles for use of Japanese woman car to lead ne

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The man says, feminine money had better earn. Because, power over major issues of the finance in feminine administer home. The Jew says, feminine money had better earn. Because, feminine beautiful money is too perceptual. Numerous businessman says, feminine money had better earn. Because, there is the resource that does not dig on feminine body. To this, the business of car a replacement of numerous Japan also is special self-identity, rolled out a form in succession the woman car of each different advocate the article inside appropriative car.

In more and more females make a car advocate while, also have more and more woman cars advocate can have in the when loving a car hope that decorates oneself but the fittings of extraordinary can develop my style. Because articles for use of car of this Japan woman is precursory,WAKO rolled out Funvie series product 2007, target lock loves beautiful woman surely a group of things with common features group, as a result such strategy prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, allow other firm in succession follow-up.

According to WAKO analysis, funvie series rich wide welcome, because this product is,be with Fun (fun) , Femme (female) , Vehicle (car) , Vie (the life) close together union, and car of listen respectfully woman advocate demand, the woman car that develops then uses commodity. Those who make a person accident is, think woman car has age layer area to lie between euqally jointly with male things with high-quality goods originally, but actually however the age distributings very wide, from 18 have to 70 years old of above and consumptive ability loses the man not at all. because such besides WAKO, more and more manufacturers will develop more female now special commodity.