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Everybody cannot decide to the thing that future will produce and its thing, having a bit at least nevertheless can affirm, be the sources of energy is in short supply with petrolic cannot second birth sex. When energy-saving when the serious work that desk has made each old car company go up with environmental protection topic for discussion, %26rdquo; of various %26ldquo; future machine were born so.

Regard a giant car as the enterprise, people group has way of many research and development in respect of energy-saving environmental protection. Include power of %26rdquo; of blue drive of technology of cell of efficient TDI derv engine, fuel and BlueMotion%26ldquo; , and go up in technology of oily electricity mixture power masses car is likewise fruitful. Be in early the car of mixture power concept of 1 litres of engine and the first electric power ever had appeared on the masses 2002, and the message with newest basis, this technical general is used very likely at the quantity to produce model model to go up.

The appearance that the 1.0L that appears 6 years ago mixes motor vehicle a bit is extremely rich imagination, the first time see it you are met very easily associate it and aircraft together. As a car, its member number can achieve two only, but the travel ability of train in excess specified length however enough lets a person look at with new eyes.

1 litres of oily report mix the masses the dynamical part of dynamical concept car is by an engine of 1 litres of derv, build distribution power system and combine. The real test of basis former plant to notional car data presentation, the add boat ability of this car achieved every gallon derv to make an appointment with 282 miles (100 kilometers bad news is oily 1 litres of) , this is the oily cost data that makes a person mysterious really. This car can multiply the member that carry two to multiply at most, take means to drive as battleplan cockpit, for the car manner with easier than nowadays bounty photograph, this model is to be without really comfortable model. To achieve light quantified purpose, this car used carbon fiber material to pledge in great quantities, nevertheless this also lets the cost of this car promote subsequently.

On the design of the exterior and interior trim to emphasize aeromechanics more, stylist did rearview mirror elliptically, nevertheless the driver still can adopt video support system, with video means its the two side beside watch of speed per hour appear, not only security did not sell at a discount, still more reduced wind block coefficient considerably.
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