Wo Erwo C30 designs a contest " black and white match " plan be the champion

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Well-known, the world's top-ranking safe character is Woerwo's familial glorious blood relationship. On safety performance, brand-new performance of Wo Erwo C30 is superior, passed the safety that amounts to more than 130 smoothly to check an experiment, it is one of most safe products in scale model is the same as on the market. In test of European NCAP collision, c30 obtained the opinion of 5 stars. C30 is in high speed travel when, the person that drive is experienced drive out and away pleasure while, the safety that also reflected Wo Erwo C30 is characteristic. Easily the automobile body action that the palm dominates, behavior that changes direction to answer and can foreknow quickly, let drive more handy, the metropolis in the environment that although be in,cannot expect doubly safe.

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