Only this one Laosilaisi and famous and horological business push wrist to expre

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Do not know you to whether be exhibited in this bound Beijing car on those who admired Laosilaisi is costly with atmosphere, and Laosilaisi cooperates famous and as horological as Switzerland manufacturer now, will costly promote new height with atmosphere. The Laosilaisi that by Bin Ni Falina designs confluence rolled out the photograph of Vintage 1945 Tourbillion of luxurious and as horological as Switzerland Shang Zhibai of Hyperion model watch of a wrist, what we let see this wrist express place to reflect below is costly with delicate.

The collaboration of two costly brands embodied artistic tradition and sophisticated technology, because this delicate wrist is expressed,also have complex mechanical configuration. Zhi Bai Zhong expresses business to gift wrist of Vintage 1945 Tourbillion expresses individuation, let this wrist the watch is Hyperion model truly and be born, because used distinctive anchor to decide a system, this wrist watch can find a place for go up in dashboard, also can install likewise go up in wrist watchband, as wrist the watch is used.

The dermal material that what the watchband that this wrist expresses uses is ivory color, the weight expressing a body that whole wrist expresses is 0.3 grams only, but contained 72 not less than parts however. Whole dial is surrounded by the platinum of 18 carat, and what its back scenery uses is the shallow blue like color of Hyperion model automobile body.

watch delicate should be an unusual thing together with the luxurious confluence of the car, but the special place that this wrist watch still has it, that is with Laosilaisi Hyperion model is same, this wrist watch rolls out merely, can calculate going up is rare world curiosa. If can kiss to let soon, that also calculates going up is enjoy!