Live to MINI of outdoors motion BMW to be made for you from household

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The MINI below BMW car division with cabinet and lovely for its brand characteristic, also make one of brands that place of young and fashionable gens likes, and the each life little articles for use that its roll out also theres is no lack of this one characteristic. Cup of lovely toy car, practical messtin, water, in addition still jotter, umbrella, knapsack, glove waits.

We let see a few toys that MINI rolls out together first below. It is this has cruel cruel formative above all bovine head dog, red jacket is worn go up in the body, appearing is in that way perky, still imprint in the back of this jacket the sign that has MINI. Besides, still have the car model of make it of fabrics of hairiness cloth with soft nap, what its model fabrics uses is brilliant red and blue.

The cup of a few water that MINI rolls out also is very delicate, practical. These water cup some are made by aluminous metal stuff and become, some criterion by make it of stainless steel material, and of the others it is cup of most common water of pottery and porcelain. Can see the sign of MINI clearly from the cup body of these water cups.

If you are field,mountain-climbing goes vacationing, so comfortable, light sneaker will be your best choice, still need a strong and durable double shoulder knapsack in addition. If need to scale, so the advantageous tool that the glove also will be you. These MINI think meticulously for you considerate, alleviate as far as possible the suffering of your mountain-climbing.

Introduce to you besides above outside, MINI still rolled out box of mobile phone catenary, messtin, jotter, card to wait a moment, the household that is you is unripe
The meticulous in a subtle way of vivid consideration, and a booklet that introduces about MINI model also will let you be opposite the understanding that this car brand develops the history to have a clarity.

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