Buy two handcart how to check car detail

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Car interior is vehicle performance, take the main factor that uses comfortable sex. The choose and buy is secondhand car, to be being decorated inside the car, design, assemble, the detail such as adornment should be meticulous check. Assure what to buy car to drive the operation is convenient and agile, component is decorated reasonable and compact, the overhaul is convenience, interior trim find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, overall feeling is cozy but person.

One. The layout inside the car

Car interior component is various, electric parts of an apparatus and circuitry are complex, pipeline crisscross, equitable design distribution should be premise with assuring vehicle performance, decorate orderly and compact beautiful, each parts overhaul, tear open outfit is convenient, in order to facilitate the following maintain, maintenance. Check interior, still should inspect each main component manufacturer the home, leave factory time, quality and function state, defect of flawless, couplet waits. The examination is assembled firm, without become loose, corrode the place that waits for inadequacy without rust.

2. The operating system inside the car

Before buying a car, sit on driver's seat to feel first take delicacy of comfortable, seeing and hearing, reexamination operating system. If use hand rock steering wheel, fluctuation is not due change uses space. Free travel cannot pass when roll big, steering wheel feel is good, xiang Ling of travel change trains is vivid. Accelerator footplate is cheered should react acute, time rapid. Crural apply the brake also does not have the feeling that sends sluggish of heavy, card definitely with mirrorring delicacy to be. Each operating system is used all with conveniently, convenient, not easy generation is operated by accident had better.

3. The adornment inside the car

Decorate inside observation car first beautiful, color is subdued, seat, safety belt, safe energy of life is wrapped, appearance dial exterior is in good condition, wait for injury without damaged, crackle. Pane of the door inside the car rises fall freely, sealed and good, instruction sheet, indicator light is all ready, the job installs close solid normally. Change one's costume or dress or add the support features of outfit, should impact of profit of all without exception of safe to driving operation.

4. Comfortable sex

This but according to the car advocate subjective experience judgement, from the colour inside the car, layout, take, whether does the operation go to the lavatory to come easily appreciate is comfortable. Can start car to try, try drive, fine of overall all without exception experiences the acoustics inside the size that inspects the noise inside driving field of view, car, vibration, car, air conditioning.

Through this a series of probation, basically can hold to treat the overall condition that buys car; If local dissatisfactory. After the consideration buys a car, can add slightly change one's costume or dress, adornment, can obtain likewise gratified flexibly sit drive
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