Engine works basically principle

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One, basic theory

Gasoline engine comes to kinetic energy of petrolic energy translate into drive car, the simplest way is through burning in engine interior benzine achieves kinetic energy. Accordingly, car engine is internal-combustion engine----Combustion happens in engine interior.

Have needed to notice at 2 o'clock:
1. Internal-combustion engine also has other sort, for instance diesel engine, gas turbine, each have each advantage and drawback.
2. Outside also having likewise, light machine. The steamer that uses on inchoate train and ship is typical outside light machine. Fuel (coal, wood, oily) in engine exterior combustion produces steam, next steam enters engine interior to produce power. The efficiency of internal-combustion engine is compared outside light machine is expensive many, outside also comparing identical dynamic, light chance is a lot of less. So, contemporary car need not steamer.
Under photograph comparing, internal-combustion engine is compared outside light the efficiency of machine tall, those who compare gas turbine is low-cost, add fuel more easily than electric car. These advantages make much contemporary the internal-combustion engine that the car uses reciprocating type.

2, combustion is crucial

The engine of the car uses 4 stroke commonly. (rotor engine of Ma Zida does not discuss here, car pictorial ever had made the introduction)

4 stroke are respectively: Into gas, compress, combustion, exhaust. Complete these 4 processes, engine completes a cycle (2) .

Understand 4 stroke

Piston, it connects by lever of a piston and crankshaft, the process is as follows:

1. The piston begins in coping, a powerful person that take energy of life is opened, the piston moves downward, inspiratory oil gas mixes air
2. The piston compresses oil gas to mix air toward coping motion, make explosion more powerful.
3. When the piston reachs top, sparkplug gives off scintilla to ignite oil gas to mix air, explosion makes the piston moves downward again.
4. The piston reachs floor, exhaust valve is opened, piston upgrade moves, tail gas from cylinder by vent-pipe eduction.
Attention: The motion that internal-combustion engine produces finally is rotational, the linear reciprocate of the piston is turned finally by crankshaft translate into, tire of such ability drive car.

3, cylinder number

The core component of engine is cylinder, the piston undertakes reciprocate inside cylinder, what what describe above is the athletic process of odd cylinder, and the engine in applying actually is those who have many cylinder (4 crocks, 6 crocks, 8 crocks commonner) . The permutation that we pass cylinder normally means classifies to engine: Straight line, V or horizontal contraposition (the W that there still is people group now of course, it is two V composition actually) . See figure below
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