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Have the comfortable sex like the car and small oily waste time, what still have SUV at the same time is good pass a gender, cityRecreationalModel SUV model is pounding car market with its muti_function characteristic. According to Beijing road of tiger of strange luck luck, Beijing is gotten the better of wait for agency introduction, after many accurate car users saw lucky tiger NCV or road get the better of on the spot to inn, all changed an idea to buy city to lie fallow model SUV. The expert is forecasted enter7 years, lie fallow to city as consumer model what SUV self-identity spends is ceaseless rise, city is recreational model SUV will be farther user of billabong car market.

100 thousand level

Recommend a model: Lucky tiger NCV1.6L-2.0L

The price: Eighty-eight thousand eight hundred - one hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred

With price car: Triumphant more, beauty of Yilante, blessing comes, fine horse nimble

Recommend reason: Regard 6 years of city as the champion of recreational SUV market, the sexual value with lucky tiger excellent NCV brought huge impact than giving car of 100 thousand yuan of level the market. On the exterior, lucky tiger NCV absorbed the car of Europe and North America avant-courier to design a concept, compare triumphant more, the model such as Yilante is richer tension, move move is very; Motivation of lucky tiger NCV is abundant, with the car that measures with the platoon photograph comparing is about the same. After the suspension of lucky tiger NCV passes air officer, slant hard, accord with the style of SUV, although pass bigger hole sunken road surface quickly, car advocate also a bit need not fear its batholith can be pounded by the rigid of the ground. The adoption of independent suspension, make the vibration that road surface transmits carries suspension and seat after double attenuation, inside the car drive can have very comfortable feeling by personnel.

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