Know how to decorate your love car

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Car adornment and building adornment are same, what need implementation is his style. Or it is very simple, or it is very complex. So the car adornment of our home and abroad differs somewhat. Foreign car advocate it is to ordering a car to choose good configuration at the same time commonly, after taking a car without how many person again oneself make overmuch decoration. At present of our home in the configuration of high-grade car is relatively all ready, and the economy with inferior price car has very large adornment space however. For instance seat of skin of outfit guard against theft, Bao Zhen, foot is filled up, stick sun film to wait a moment. So according to what direction we should undertake the adornment of the car?
The proposal is from proceed with of this a few respects:
Sex of 1. environmental protection, 2. Security 3 practical, 4. Seasonal
So, why should put environmental protection in the first place?
Because our everybody notices healthy importance now, especially our car advocate the environment inside the car must accomplish environmental protection. The chemistry that interprets car according to concerning an expert pollutes main source to have two sides: It is car itself, be in our country at present, the family uses car market demand exuberant, such making that a lot of cars issued product line to enter the market directly, the harmful gas in all sorts of fittings and material did not get sufficient volatilization, installation is in inside the car plastic, carpet, roof is stuck, seat if do not accord with environmental protection to ask, can cause air to pollute directly.
2 it is the adornment after we buy a car after most consumer buys a car, need to make be decorated inside the car. Some agency also will buy a car to send adornment to serve as favourable condition. The person that if have offset,expend is irresponsible, do not close good quality, let agent of mat of glue of a few derma that contain harmful material, sponge, ground, ground, bind very easily wait enter a car in. The contains possibly harmful gas in these adornment or material includes benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene to wait, can differ of degree cause pollution of the air inside the car, browbeat thereby human body is healthy. So car advocate mix after buying a car what should notice in adornment? Prevent to explode above all bask in, because of high temperature meeting hurried sends organic volatile (VOC) volatilize, be in for instance 20 ℃ when, it may be slower release, if arrive 30 or 40 ℃ when, become hundredfold possibly then release. Additional, new car uses air conditioning less. Inside before new car 6 months use air conditioning less as far as possible, should open a window constantly in order to strengthen a car inside ventilated take a breath. Having again is primitive pack must demolish. The new car that we buy can have a few plastic pack, it is the protection that manufacturer prevents to in carrying a process, be damaged and undertake. A lot of cars advocate think these are primitive pack can defer indoor article " anile " do not wish to take off, it is wrong so actually. The toxic gas that such meetings make can volatilize originally is frowzily in the car " ferment " , make pollution long leave a car inside. Again, we can judge what adornment material intuitionisticly when decorating car not environmental protection, it is Wen Yiwen, if have intense excitant taste, majority is not of environmental protection. So how do we solve the pollution inside these cars? It is to pass advanced technical measure to keep clear of commonly the pollution inside the car, be in abroad for instance, company of Japanese abundant field rolled out " unripe hair of the ion that eliminate bacterium implement " will remove the bacterium inside the car and pelagian matter, cleared peculiar smell, be in Japan very popular.
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