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East wind is beautiful 307


1. power have a trial of strength divides almost the same hard

Modelling difference does not have commonplace doubt. 307 continuance the lion eye modelling with beautiful particular car, pretty in the temperament that shows a kind of bully gas and not stick to one pattern fully. 3 compartment look Fox criterion more show custom sedate, have the feeling of some of small home jasper. Here is relative the model that is quantity of 2.0L gold platoon, 4 crocks when have this one amountEngineMotivation outputs a level to be controlled in 100KW normally. 307 with Fox 3 compartment introduced straight line engine of 4 crock, double camshaft carrying buy on the head, pledge for aluminium alloy material, the power of the biggest output of 307 is 108KW/6000rpm, the biggest torque is 200Nm/4000rpm, it is the torque in be the same as scale model is the biggest, this explains the acceleration of 307 is very outstanding; FoxThe power of the biggest output of 3 compartment is 104KW/6000rpm, the biggest torque is 180Nm/4000rpm.

Differ from the point of parameter of two cars engine very few, and in checking a process actually, two cars You Jing stops quickly, fox's reaction is sharp at 307, and beardless a long time the 307 deterrence strength that show lion king, ling Xiaofu has bit of too far behind to catch up with.

2. is held accuse to feel each characteristic

Of Fox hold charge a sex composed and solid, and beautiful the drill of 307 accuses to have challenge sex more. The tortuous path of 307 is held accuse to should be described with swift and fierce, hydraulic pressure of advanced electron of double speed ratio of wheel of inside and outside was assembled to aid force to turn to a system on its, but according to the discretion of speed self-adjusting steering wheel turns to strength, turn to special spirit accurate, agile, sometimes if drive person not in a way is hit instead annulus, still can have change exceeding to danger, have rich drive the person of experience can experience more drives from which fun. Of Fox hold accuse to use sticking the ground to describe is the most appropriate.

Its electron hydraulic pressure aids force to turn to a system, make changing precision to the respect absolutely is not the most outstanding, but Fox's rear overhang is hanged and the tire of 205/55/R16 cooperates together is match absolutely, of Fox's rear wheel follow sexual performance is very excellent. Opposite 307, small good fortune suits more primary the person that drive.

3. comfortable sex comparatives

Of standard of living rise, make people expects to be worth ceaseless also promotion to the car, want not onlyThe priceFair, have excellent quality even, special pursuit is driven multiply " comfortable sex " . The new 3072.0LAT that is the same as price is comfortable model with Fox 2.0L automatic and luxurious model, in damping sex respect, the suspension system of 307 is independent suspension 4 rounds, new generation allows front axle of Mai Fuxun type, contain transverse and stable lever, rear is the independent type suspension that brings alterable form beam, lever is stabilized after be being contained likewise, and every wheel installed hydraulic pressure shock absorber, lowered automobile body considerably thereby shake.

In the meantime, 307 to get used to home road condition used chassis of strengthened CRD slashing road, bring broader view to drive the person that multiply not only, have at the same time pass a gender outstandingly. The sound insulation effect of 307 cockpit very beautiful, the wind a confusion of voices when high speed is very small. Suspension system of Fox also is independent suspension 4 rounds, suspension becomes independent for Maifuxun before, bend staff is prevented before the belt, suspension becomes independent for double rocker after, belt hind prevents bend staff, hydraulic pressure shock absorber and damping spring independence are assembled, pass athletic air officer, and around has deputy frame, because this is in what what cause when travel when rough road surface or high speed are too curved,shake and active force can pass brawny deputy frame absorb, lowered automobile body considerably thereby shake.

Fox batholith passes C3P aggrandizement to design, the tigidity that promoted automobile body the structure and fight twist model. Its batholith is overall feeling giving a person slants hard, although have some of effect to comfortable sex, but this more the fixed position that accords with athletic car. The aspect is changed in intelligence, 307 assemble with Fox have computer of drive a vehicle (BSI) , can say rate of two cars automation is very high, all revealed the lasting appeal of science and technology.

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