The novice is necessary manual: Car ABC 50 ask

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1.Does the basic structure of the car include those shares?
Answer: General and commonly used car is main the structure is to 4 parts are comprised, this 4 parts are: Automobile body of engine, batholith and wiring part.
By that a few parts is 4 range gasoline engine formed?
Answer: 4 strokes gasoline engine is cooled by linkage mechanism of airframe, brace, compressed air distribution mechanism department, lubricant department, fuel department and ignition are (diesel engine did not ignite is) wait for composition.
How does 4 strokes gasoline engine have working circular?
Answer: The working process of engine is divided into gas, compress, make labour, exhaust 4 processes. 4 strokes engine is completed inside 4 journeys that move these 4 processes up and down in the piston. Enter air travel: Inlet valve open, exhaust valve all is shut. Be down dead centre shift from top dead centre as the piston, the cubage of piston upper part increases, force of air cylinder internal pressure is reduced, produce vacuum attraction. But like that gas mixture is inspiratory air cylinder. Reduce the travel: Inlet valve, exhaust valve all is shut, the piston moves to top dead centre from next dead centre, press gas mixture to firebox. Make labour journey: When reducing end, inlet valve, exhaust valve still is shut, sparkplug gives out electric spark, ignite can burn mixture gas, the gas after combustion is violent expand, generate enormous pressure, force a piston rapid be issued to lower levels, classics connecting rod drives crankshaft to rotate and make work. Exhaust journey: Exhaust valve open, inlet valve is shut, the piston moves to top dead centre from next dead centre, remove waste gas.
What do the action of airframe and brace linkage mechanism and main component have?
Answer: The action of airframe and brace linkage mechanism is: Gas action burns fuel to be in when burning in air cylinder piston apical pressure, connecting rod of have the aid of turns into the torque of crankshaft, make crankshaft drives working machine to do work, the main part of airframe and brace linkage mechanism has lid of air cylinder body, air cylinder, piston, connecting rod, brace, flywheel to wait.
Show the action of compressed air distribution mechanism and composition?
Answer: The action of compressed air distribution mechanism needs according to the job, timely shut into, exhaust valve, seasonable can light gas to introduce air cylinder and eduction waste gas. In the meantime, the parts such as pump of drive ignition distributor, gasoline has the job. Main part includes compressed air distribution mechanism: Parts of drive of inlet valve, exhaust valve, camshaft.
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