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Gull ala door uses the personalized design on racing bike door this kind, had become a kind through developing it for years classic the mark with romance. And gull ala door becomes surveyor's pole, this must thank MERCEDES undoubtedly, BENZ! Be it in 1954-1957 year during the 300SLGullwingCoupe that rolls out, make the model that gull ala door makes racing bike design! Gull ala becomes because of 300SL classical, 300SL also becomes because of gull ala let a person cannot dismiss from one's mind! The profound attainment that also designs to gull ala as a result of MERCEDES, make what it has ala of much money gull again subsequently classical make!

So, in the following Ou Yi in the check of classical racing bike, MERCEDES-BENZ racing bike holds much seat!


  2006Mercedes-BenzSLR"722Edition "


This C-111 appears on the IAA 1969, the design of gull ala is not its biggest characteristic, because it used a rotor motor that has 350 horse power, this is rare in the design of BENZ


As a result of a variety of reasons, racing bike of class of circuit of this powerful and rich distinctive does not have a quantity to produce!



   1981DeLorean DMC-12

The film " return tomorrow " pass through mediumly spatio-temporal super machine, glamour is uncommon!


   2002Ferrari ENZO

ENZO is the super racing bike of FERRARI not just, also be the gull ala design with rare FERRARI!
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