D of Chengdu head character is junior much gold discloses car of Chengdu undergr

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D of Chengdu head character is junior much gold discloses car of Chengdu underground whirlwind

As we have learned, of Chengdu city " head character D " people, it is 80 time are born mostly, their parents is China first rich remove comer. There is white-collar of course of study of undergraduate, IT, proprietor of an enterprise to wait in them. The car that change one's costume or dress is the swift from low end, rich health () of parameter data chart, to high end run quickly, BMW, the most arrogant, when the farad benefit F430 that belongs to a black. Car hand people have common feature -- do not lack cash.

Character one: "Decide sea deep needle "

Like to wear the vest of coffee most, thin tall, the expression of a kind of poppet is on the face. Do not look down upon his black swift, he often play the peacock is the closest dry a good car, narrate is blocked up by the policeman alarmingly dangerous that escapes successfully next, say when to want to change the car into the most arrogant appearance...

Character 2: Ronin

Number is small fat, pursue artistic design job. He is fat fat body, appear very suit with white swift. Small fat often " complain " say: "This car is the common property of I and wife, dare not change fierce ah. Dare not change fierce ah..

Character 3: Little elder brother

He follows the everybody in the circle ripe, sparkle splendent gules horse 6, with the girlfriend that often changes, it is two his the most striking features. The car that sees a friend every time comes, he always is met collect arrives before car window, care ground enquires: "A few people? Have a beauty? Have a beauty??

Hidden trouble of car of anxious underground violent wind is heavy

"With blame is normal change one's costume or dress the car has subterranean racing car, be breakneck. " yesterday, " Nanjing daily " Zhang Jiu of car weekly chief editor says, to win the contest, undertake to the car reasonable and measurable change one's costume or dress give no cause for more criticism. But cycle racing changes his costume or dress the intellectual reserve with quite professional need, and skilled operation skill, will cause serious safe hidden trouble otherwise. But home does not have a system at present change one's costume or dress standard system, hand of a lot of cars is exaggerated exterior effect, the function of cycle racing sacrificed instead after extravagant spending, cause menace to the security of cycle racing even. "If change one's costume or dress,car does not accord with national security standard, will cannot pass year of careful. " Zhang Hong of 6 substation police officer weighs policeman of the Chengdu City, basis " traffic safety law " relevant provision, change one's costume or dress and spell outfit car to prohibit start off, joining contest car to exceed high speed travel is to violate act badly. "On the whole, condition of our country highway and grade do not suit what subterranean racing bicycle moves to begin. " the phenomenon that confuses subterranean mad motorcycle race in the light of the car, the countrywide rally champion, Xie Chunxu that has had profession of racing bicycle of 10 old professions says, chengdu car hand people be fond of a late night to be in dish of hill road and car are relatively exiguous straight on the road whirlwind car. But lights of these a section of a highway dim, road condition is complex, do not have agonistic requirement. Once appear special situation, avoid the happening of the accident very hard.
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