The car is locked up by prize insurance company rejecting claims 700 yuan why on

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Mr Zhao works overtime to the late night 12: 00 come home, discover the car is locked up the following day by prize, insurance company rejects manage compensate, 700 yuan change a lock to expend him dig down, is this why?

New car vehicle is locked up by prize, although bought insurance, handed in stop fare, but insurance company, parking lot all is not in charge of compensating for. Of manufacturer guarantee also do not have this project, can car advocate oneself are maintained, the reporter interviewed each personage with respect to this matter, explanation therein cause.

   Reason of insurance company rejecting claims

Clause of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency sets clearly " blame whole vehicle steals, the component on the car or accessory equipment are stolen or damage only " belong to disclaimer, do not grant to compensate for, still this belongs to criminal case to should call the police.

   Parking lot personnel says to already reminded an attention

Around of our parking lot has photograph like the head, administrator is very responsible, the around of the edifice the person patrols guard. But here is open parking lot after all, it is flourishing a sector of an area, the person of contact is much, more complex also. We had reminded a car advocate, if want,long place had better stay in front of of the edifice.

   The personage inside course of study is raised action

Wide Wang Xiaolei of insurance department head weighs this 4S inn, no matter insurance company is compensated for, must be in inform insurance company for a short while () reports a case to the security authorities inside 48 hours, consistent namely to parking lot claim for compensation. The driver must be asked for stop fare receipt and had kept. Although a lot of collect fees the relevant provision of the parking lot says " missing or cut loiter not compensate " , but basis " contract law " in the regulation about pattern contract, this attributes one-sided shirk responsibility. If cannot talk things over,solve, go to law< , at present already somebody is hit win such lawsuit.

   Insurance company advice

China manager of the first month of security risk company introduces, similar case also has been encountered. In car caustic danger, have multinomial except responsibility, our a general designation is " car caustic accident produces the car outside to injure not compensate " . Nevertheless, if be,cause by the accident or be in car by pilfer process in, produce combat with larcenous person, those who cause personal casualty can be compensate for. In rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer (belong to additional risk) in, be not whole vehicle to be grabbed by pilfer, only the component on the car or accessory equipment are stolen, rob, loot, it is to belong to those who avoid responsibility; (Although car by pilfer remain one case only) as long as the car had not moved, do not belong to a car to be grabbed by pilfer, insurance company does not grant to compensate for. Insurance company compensate and not compensate, the key is a car advocate when reporting a case to the security authorities to insurance company, it is the happening that how will recount event is passed.
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