Clauses hides trap car advocate compensate of manage of danger of the sprinkler

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After the successive story that defends about repairing a factory to bump into a car intentionally to cheat without fine steam appears in the newspaper, caused the intense attention of underwriting group not only, numerous car advocate also have a fishbone caught in one's throat, do not spit discomfort. Yesterday, much name car advocate find a reporter, state compensate of car danger manage is difficult, it is a car advocate be willing to entrust steam to repair plant reason compensate, let steam repaired a factory to get chance thereby, diddle keeps one of accounts of danger.

   One difficult: Manage compensate process is complex and time-consuming bad news force

"Put the car in steam to build a plant, do compensate of manage of weigh in hand by them, because,be to insurance company claim for compensation too difficult, we are much the thing is inferior to little be related. " have a car advocate such saying.

It is reported, current, a lot of steam of Guangzhou repair a factory to set car danger to do sth for sb dot. Car advocate if bought insurance here, car went postaccident, after can informing traffic trouble spot of completely perambulate to personnel will confirm the spot, the place that drives the car to steam to repair factory or steam to repair a factory to appoint directly takes a picture, the claim for compensation that is aimed at insurance company repairs a factory to get weigh in hand for you entirely by steam.

Car advocate why be willing to let steam repair factory representative claim for compensation? Reason nothing more than the following: If,be car advocate relative strength is in person, even if manage for 200 yuan merely the bill of compensate gold, want oneself to be dealt with to insurance company, time should spend a few hours at least, very troublesome; 2 it is a car advocate gave postaccident, often should wait on a few minutes even 9 hours, the member that just have calm damage comes to the spot, the loss that is car fixes a price; 3 it is the member that be sure when selling insurance, often can have a lot of commitment, once go out,finish sth, car advocate in just discovering manage compensate clause, often hide " trap " ; The 4 average loss that are pair of blame traffic accidents, insurance company often also asks car advocate show call the police proof, a lot of cars advocate because do not have,often call the police proof, claim for compensation is extremely difficult.

   2 difficult: The clause hides " trap " embarrassed car advocate

Not long ago, the kin Chen Gong that closes a lady (alias) love a car by scratch. She is informed this bruise condition of insufficient after repair claim for compensation, think method was done 2 times bump, enlarged damage area, won compensation thereby, resemble Chen Gong such " to cater to holiday of clauses cannot help doing " circumstance, in the car advocate in not infrequent.
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