Beware car danger is dark buckle backside risk

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The near future of illicit home car of fierce gentleman wants add to protect, insurance salesman is hit exploded his phone, and the discount that these bagman give than is much. The personage inside course of study expresses, compete to answer the market, a lot of companies are passed dark buckle low to suck protect, but the backside hidden of low is a risk.

"My car is abstruse develop basic model, at that time go up over agency, 7 danger are planted total cost is 2657 yuan. Former insurance company states add is protected the most high-energy the privilege that enjoys 10 % , can receive the telephone call of another agent yesterday, the mouth says to be able to be hit to me 8 fold, and assuring is true guarantee slip. " fierce gentleman says.

"Dark the under cover in buckling is many risk. " the personage inside course of study points out, a lot of agents use consumer to not be familiar with car danger the weakness of market level, the with restricted condition the biggest privilege that gives an individual insurance company says is the privilege that can enjoy generally. And agent of these restricted condition insurance often do not explain according to the facts with consumer, it is a kind of misdirect actually.

From market respect reporter understanding arrives, of agential low insurance cost " hang " basically have 3 kinds: Give false information " car condition " , illicit car turns fair car, reduce car depreciation.

The personage inside course of study expresses, "It is policy-holder must read content of clear guarantee slip, if car did not contain electronic guard against theft implement or the system such as fixed position of GPS whole world, the insurance company after losing not compensate. The insurance company after losing not compensate..

2 it is illicit car turns fair car. "Still danger of tall discount car is through flexible insurant ' unit car ' , will enjoy company car to cast the inferior cost that keep to lead. If such casting,protecting is the be or get out of danger that produces issue, manage compensate refuses likely after insurance company is checked. Manage compensate refuses likely after insurance company is checked..

3 it is the depreciation fixed number of year the car is reduced from 15 years for 10 years. "But come so, car value also is met rapid shrink, car in case missing, insurance company is the low manage compensate that goes up according to guarantee slip for certain. " this personage says.

Car advocate because missing car key brings about insurance manage compensate to decrease,lose a car

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