Must keep unvarnished into water car when natural disaster claim for compensatio

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▲ case is answered put

Mr Wang goes up in the subterranean garage that the sedan of some entrance brand oneself stops week of 6 evening in the village, the result drinks water because of rainstorm garage the following day many cars were wided by water. Smoke when garage water after going, mr Wang will to the garage still check his car, opened ignition switch pertly. This fell to enter catastrophe, the car circuit of be affected with damp be affected with damp is put through drop with respect to short circuit on wheeler. After making newspaper danger telephone call, insurance company actuary is present after seeing, with arrogate to oneself car of the water that move dip causes a loss to be reason rejecting claims. Mr Wang for a short while foolish eye. Actually, may not is all cast the car that keep to be able to obtain compensate in this typhoon. The person guarantees car a place difficult of access relevant controller points out, if the circumstance of car be or get out of danger of insurant belongs to the limits that avoid compensate,perhaps did not include reasonable compensate range in, insurant may be unavailable compensation. For instance, know perfectly well car to be immersed by water, still continue to start car, bring about car loss to expand, insurance company will not be compensated for. Accordingly, in " was being made clear to reach the water of exhaust canister or air inlet duct in adj/LIT wide in the clause of car caustic danger, start, or car is started without necessary processing after be being wided by water, cause engine to damage " insurance company does not grant to compensate for.

  ▲ morning paper reminds

After car is immersed by water, circuit hard to avoid is met be affected with damp be affected with damp, so even if rapid move also wants with the car very careful, after calculating you to open hood, had blown, in strike a light when still also should risk a bit risk. Best method or the place that procrastinate to have the sun when weather is good are blown bask in, evaporate the moisture in the corner, this ability is safe.

Each insurance company also reminds a car advocate, the typhoon should dial each company hotline to report a case to the security authorities inside 24 hours as soon as possible afterwards, can affect manage compensate process otherwise. In addition, in encounter rain after car flameout, must not restart car, and should try to haul car a seeper place, hit in time report a case to the security authorities the phone gives insurance company, insurance company can send person specially assigned for a task to arrive spot survey. After policy-holder is repaired, relevant bill and each proof receipt takes manage compensate hall " submit an expense account " .
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