Must keep unvarnished into water car when natural disaster claim for compensatio

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To car danger, 5000 yuan are in commonly below 3 manage compensate can be obtained in the day, 5000 yuan of above need 10 weekday. Reporter from produce know of danger Shanghai branch in safety, already two clients go to manage compensate single cross the company, finished manage compensate, won 8200 yuan of manage compensate gold with 2000 yuan respectively.

"Car drinks water " the one fraction that takes car danger claim for compensation only, and the car cut loiter that because rainstorm is brought,more car danger claim for compensation are in centrally and chase after end collision and windshield to wait to be bungled bad to wait for an accident by branch billboard. To case of this kind of claim for compensation, belong to typhonic weather to be caused secondhand, specific how on border of compensate Fu Shi with at ordinary times car caustic claim for compensation is not much difference.

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