Chuai Chongjin of two handcart business goes to Nanchang Shanghai explore car

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Shanghai begins the car that to short of country the first phase discharges a standard to implement current restriction, statistic of classics Shanghai concerned branch and calculate, be barred the car outside environmental protection gate is finally 50 thousand reach 70 thousand. Tremendous business chance is brought so that many Nanchang car business conceive Chuai Chongjin to form a delegation drive go to %26rdquo; of city of Shanghai %26ldquo; explore.

Nanchang is secondhand car of the explore on car business Shanghai

After %26ldquo; hears this news, everybody prepares to seize the opportunity %26lsquo; eats %26rsquo; to take a batch of cars. %26rdquo; opened the Laomo of company of a broker to say in city of Jiangxi international car. 20 days morning, when reporter and he is contacted, he just went to Shanghai, have more than 10 Nanchang person of the same trade with what he goes to Shanghai together, the car agent that goes from Nanchang according to saying exceeds 100 people for certain.

Jiangxi is provincial trade does manufacturing data to be in Deng Xiaolong section chief to tell a reporter, jiangxi is secondhand car market trades active with each passing day, traded 2005 the quantity exceeds 30 thousand, and Shanghai is Jiangxi all the time the ground of main supply of goods of two handcart, company of a few broker sends person permanent Shanghai even.

Two handcart price of Shanghai take the chance to go up 3000

20 days 15 when, when the reporter is contacted with Laomo again, it is good in the morning that his mood is done not have apparently, %26ldquo; car price is too high, can sign bill not Anacreontic still now. He tells %26rdquo; the reporter, be in each two handcart city to discover in the morning, two handcart prices of the Shanghai inside a week rise generally 3000 yuan or so, %26ldquo; is restricted corrupt your before %26rdquo; , reached the price of %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; Pu Sang that produced 1999 to be 36000 yuan generally 1998 - 37000 yuan, and had gone up to 40 thousand yuan of above now. Laomo says: The two handcart business of countrywide each district collects %26ldquo; in Shanghai now, drive up the price, the likelihood crosses paragraph of time value meeting fall after a rise, look etc again even. %26rdquo;

A large number of two handcart can affect car city into prosperous

Deng Xiaolong tells a reporter, if large quantities of Shanghai washs out a car to enter Nanchang market, although can rise active and secondhand the action of car market, but also can play low Nanchang market at the same time two handcart price. Jiangxi saves old motor vehicle to trade the center tells a reporter about the personage, this market also has a lot of car business to drive consummate of great capacity, if a large number of two handcart are entered, so the two handcart price on the market also may fall surplus.

Car of chief force of concessionary distributors Jiangxi sells Shanghai public Chen Yan of integrated department manager thinks, in Nanchang, the price to the element that main consideration still is for a lot of people that buy a car, accordingly, a lot of consumer chose to have the two handcart of price advantage. Many two handcart enter Nanchang to still will produce an effect to new car market.
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