Retire from army arms get run two handcart industry

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Insist a target, work with perseverance. Arrive from a common veteran Jiangxi is secondhand today of car industry get the person that run, hu Shuguang is this one character undoubtedly is superexcellent the person that deduce.

With sincere letter base oneself upon

Hu Shuguang still is taking the small crew cut in army up to now, eyes blazing like torches-blazing with anger, let a reporter think for a time on those who sitting is a soldier, businessman of and rather than. Hu Shuguang, local born and bred Nanchang person, 18 years old join the army enrollment. 20 years lie between when today, make him remember profundity and of benefit from lifetime is that word that the colonel when enrollment says: %26ldquo; is an upright person must keep promise, especially man. It is time keeping wants on time, 2 be should keep promise on money. %26rdquo; this word, belt of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad dawn arrived 1998 go into business when.

1998 is Hu Shuguang come back to become cadre of a common factory to arrive from unit be transferred to civilian work the transition of a businessman period. He only by the resolution that gives a sky should be entered in bazaar, of very live person do not understand, from credit agency loan the 300 thousand first time that began him together with two friends does poineering work. In this paragraph of time, hu Shuguang won a lot of friends with his sincere letter. But because expenses is too large, 2000, hu Shuguang ended his first time to do poineering work.

%26ldquo; smell %26rdquo; gives poineering chance

2000 the end of the year, hu Shuguang and his friend old man think over, give hill to must buy a two handcart to make tool of ride instead of walk afresh. Accidental opportunity, he takes a fancy to a 95 paragraph golf on the road, with the car advocate after argy-bargy with 2. 80 thousand yuan price clinchs a deal. When formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register, go up Rao Ren took a fancy to this car, delighted ground with 5. 90 thousand yuan buy golf, net of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad dawn 30 thousand much.

Hu Shuguang instantly %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; smell out is secondhand the car is the %26ldquo; cake %26rdquo; that has market perspective very much together. He and old man opened a two handcart to go respectively, as expected %26ldquo; cake %26rdquo; is tremendous, the business is quite prosperous. Most when one day can sell give 67 cars, a car is least can gain 5000 yuan, best when embellish of net profit of a month is as high as 270 thousand, sale of a year is amounted to 1500 much. Hu Shuguang also learned to see the ability of the car slowly in manage. He tells a reporter, the smell of operator is very important, it decided the trend of the enterprise.

%26ldquo; enterprise should resemble a wolf same %26rdquo;

At the beginning of 2005, jiangxi is secondhand if car travel appears like emerge come, size has travel of car of many 40 civilian battalion, 3 large companies. Below competitive pressure, the software that Hu Shuguang thinks of to rely on enterprise itself upgrades will hold advantage position. He finds out a road from itself of after service, management concept, enterprise, after taking the lead in making carry out, guarantee the acceptance of half an year, need a person with sincere letter all the time plus Hu Shuguang, later the guest also has many.
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