"Two handcart trade normative " will promulgate two handcart of Jiangxi to have

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Last year on August 2, our newspaper Ceng Kan has sent a problem to be " Nanchang manages beard punish outside two handcart field " report, secondhand to Nanchang of car market non-standard had exposure, department of Commerce this year the 22nd announcement " two handcart trade standard " expected in each recently in promulgate formally. New " two handcart trade standard " undertook refining from more level, form of the contract that mixes syncretic series, standard, trade to broker of two handcart intermediary, restrain in agent behavior, trade transparent, service collects fees waited for a respect to have specific standard. Its contract reflected two handcart of %26ldquo; morely to manage the service aggrandizement of %26rdquo; , ensured trading justice is mixed better reasonable, thereby more facilitating standard and management.

Countrywide uniform standard is helpful for current

Trade newly one of normative key jobs are unified %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; whole nation, after the whole nation unites bill to carry out, two handcart are whole trade the one great progress that flow is united with what serve content is this standard. The photograph is more secondhand than original each district the program that the car trades eachs does things in his own way, apparent ground restricted each district of two handcart current. New standard implemented centralized technological process and standard, to two handcart check, service, current wait for those who had science to arrange, can say to be the two handcart of countrywide limits are big henceforth current matting a very good foundation platform. Next, how is my province each district carried out and supervise, how is concerned branch coordinated each other, will be the key that this one job begins.

Head promote two handcart after service

According to Jiangxi province old motor vehicle trades the center thanks Introduction Chi Feng, at present I save those who be engaged in two handcart trading is private mostly. They buy the two handcart that come to hang rely on company or unit, so OK cost saving, purchaser also can tell to undertake hanging relying on change the name of owner in a register when selling, leave out intermediary is expended. Accordingly, these people cannot provide what after service at all. And in new standard, the regulation is made clear in the 16th to distribute enterprise, enterprise of two handcart distribute uses fixed number of year to be in in 3 years of less than or travel course of development to final user sale the car of less than of 60 thousand kilometer (allow with be to person first, except of battalion carry car) , should offer to the user 3 not less than months or 5000 kilometers (allow with be to person first) quality assures. Quality makes sure limits is engine system, turning to system, transmission system, apply the brake is all, pensile system. This is meant is general no matter, the masses or Feng Tian, the two handcart inside the certain range that all brand agency will offer to place undertake quality assures. This and company of former old car broker are greatly different, reflected the advantage place of brand agency.
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