Battle royal of the Three Kingdoms of " of two handcart city "

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Malign competition is the child with market not perfect regulation, also be the common symptom with market immature development. The two handcart city of Jiangxi Nanchang suffers the effect of malign competition, slipping at present the lair to %26rdquo; of battle royal of %26ldquo; the Three Kingdoms.

Before April 2003, the two handcart market of Nanchang is calm still, jiangxi saves old motor vehicle to trade what an aspect that enjoys peace and tranquility alone already maintained the center 8 years is long. However from the trade of steam of Shanghai treasure steel that reduces inward ground market littoral the company also took a fancy to this fat, the SARS epidemic situation of indulge in wilful persecution also fails to hold back them to march the footstep of Jiangxi market. Two tigers conflicting is in hard-fought war when, two handcart city added Nanchang again October one fierce will, this is collect market of estate of 6 three-year institution of higher learning the city of Jiangxi international car at a suit.

When in the cry that current home appeal unlocks two handcart to manage one billow receives one billow, appear the pattern of many competition is a favour originally, but if lack management, inevitable meeting brings very big impact to entire industry. This saves old motor vehicle to trade from Jiangxi the case that the center develops this year sees one spot. This are old 2002 the car trades central annual old car trades 3900, trade the forehead amounts to 204 million yuan; And annual traded 2003 car exceeds 6000, grow 70% than 2002, trade the forehead is only however 250 million yuan, grow with the photograph is smaller than having only 2002. Why to create so tremendous contrast? The mainest reason depends on to enlarge market share mutual extruding of business of intermediary of 3 two handcart, the intermediary that causes old car to trade trades charge drops considerably.

According to Jiangxi province old motor vehicle trades central vise general manager thanks Introduction Chi Feng: So secondhand of the car trade cost is in 1000 yuan of above, can maintain the level in 100 yuan only nowadays lower even. He says, jiangxi of if it were not for saves old motor vehicle to trade before this year a few months have the center some of outstanding achievement matting, affirmed deficit 2003. Because start business of town of Jiangxi international car is later, trade to the two handcart of this year the influence is very faint still, and Jiangxi saves old motor vehicle to trade center and Jiangxi are secondhand the car trades the competition with current market is in agglutination condition. It is reported, the Jiangxi that invests by trade of steam of Shanghai treasure steel is secondhand the car trades the market the two handcart 2003 trade to had broken through 2000, this is only to practice already belonged to for the new company of 9 months not easy, but its trade the forehead is goodish however, profit is have no way more mention. Expend the situation of price disorder in the light of the two trading that the hand appears in car market, jiangxi is provincial trade does all right and save classics trade appoint ever also had allotted urgent announcement, unite rate, because superintend not do one's best is done not have,develop regrettablly how long effectiveness.
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