Unified bill stems " black car " appear on the market

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From Jiangxi provincial trade does know, jiangxi is provincial trade trade does combination to should save the unit such as the Public Security Department, transmit " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " , combine Jiangxi the province is actual, came on stage formally " Jiangxi is saved < two hand wagon flow open administrative way > carry out an opinion " . " opinion " use position of market of unified bill, two handcart to wait had a standard.

" opinion " regulation, two handcart trade firm of auction of enterprise of distribute of the market, two handcart, two handcart wants according to the range that uses two handcart to sell unified bill directly, the newspaper sends two handcart to run message, strengthen a business at the same time put on record management, remove two months introversion from the day that obtains business license Jiangxi is provincial trade trade runs a newspaper send put on record material. Had unified bill, the two handcart origin that all appearing on the market has clear on record to record, the car with unidentified antecedents cannot trade, can stem so entrap fountainhead of %26rdquo; of consumer %26ldquo; black car, also can prevent random invoice of orgnaization of two handcart broker at the same time, cause duty source prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

" opinion " set at the same time, for province of equitable distribution Jiangxi two handcart trade the market, establish two handcart newly henceforth to trade the market, must accord with local town business to expand program demand, do not achieve a requirement do not give examine and approve.

As we have learned, at present Jiangxi province has 14 two handcart to trade the market, two handcart of a year trade the quantity is controlled in 20 thousand, and two handcart of Shanghai trade the market has 6 only, the two handcart that have 150 thousand one year however trade quantity. Because,this is at present Jiangxi a few two handcart trade market %26ldquo; has a %26rdquo; that do not have city, position is unreasonable.

This " opinion " return a regulation: Jiangxi province will support the management main body such as conditional car brand agency to manage two handcart. Compare with phase of traditional two handcart market, the site after brand car dealer can use his carry out is carried out to two handcart dog and after service. Once car brand agency joins two handcart to manage, to whole Jiangxi two handcart manage a company to serve a level to promote a class, like forcing two handcart to manage a company to resemble brand agency, promotion serves quality and hardware form a complete set, strive for the market that stabilizes oneself.