Two handcart market can go much further together

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Came in April 2003 October, value Nanchang the Shanghai treasure steel of two handcart market and Zhejiang promote trade group to be carried in succession gigantic endowment into prosperous, broke Jiangxi old motor vehicle to trade the long Nanchang that the market manages 8 years solely is secondhand car market structure.

Do not calculate big Nanchang market for contention, before long hind tripartite opens dozen of price war, bring about vigour to be hurt greatly thereby. To realize win-win, this year in June the middle ten days of a month 3 markets come to an agreement, form an alliance with the means of equational market share. However, tripartite did not let two handcart agent and consumer get benefit together, and this behavior and be about to come on stage " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " oriented not agree with, can 3 powerful combination go much further?

   3 strong battle royal

  Two handcart market came two competitor

Before April 2003, the two handcart market of Nanchang is calm all the time, jiangxi saves old motor vehicle to trade the market of peace and tranquility that the center enjoyed 8 years alone. As trade of steam of Shanghai treasure steel enter, the two handcart city of Nanchang calms no longer. In October 2003, two handcart market came to Nanchang again a competitor, zhejiang promotes trade group to enter be stationed in Nanchang, city of Jiangxi international car is Jiangxi province external the priority discipline of capital attraction, by Zhejiang the group that start line of business invests 1. Part of 200 million yuan of international car city that make in Nanchang market of estate of 6 three-year institution of higher learning at a suit, secondly handcart trades the market covers an area of an area to amount to 30 thousand square metre. So far, nanchang is secondhand the car trades the structure that the market formed %26rdquo; of tripartite confrontation of %26ldquo; the Three Kingdoms.

Why does nonlocal tycoon enter prosperous again and again? The personage inside course of study expresses, to nonlocal capital, the two handcart city of Nanchang is the %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; virgin land that has not develop together almost, the city of the Nanchang periphery such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan is existing at the same time a few markets, and Nanchang has only. A few countries wait in the United States, secondly handcart trades the quantity is occupied annual the car always trades the 70 % of the quantity. These a few years as new car price drop and of domestic litter arisen, two handcart of domestic trade the volume also is rising ceaselessly, the two handcart of a few big cities of Shanghai, Beijing trade the quantity also exceeded new car. Under photograph comparing, nanchang the two handcart 2004 trade the quantity occupies a car to always trade only the 30 % left and right sides of the quantity, and average level of the whole nation is 43 % . This shows, two handcart market still has Nanchang quite great potential can be dug.
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