Au city used car sales people preferred hot car

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New Year, new car sales of all brands is gradually cooling. Recently, the reporter saw the International Automobile City in Jiujiang, people are more popular this year, a wide range of used cars, selecting a suitable own used car has become the first choice for car people to come forward.

Following the hottest cars 1.6L

Second-hand car market, according to statistics, the recent second-hand car trading, 1.6L less displacement performance cars in the market, the most active. An anonymous owner of the used car broker, told reporters, 1.6L less displacement of the car, in the city to maintain the highest in the private car. As a means of transport for daily travel, the current used car under 1.6L displacement supply most brands and models are also more abundant.

Press a second-hand car dealers in the car within the city that used car parking lot was packed full to the brim already, Geely, Buick, Volkswagen and other brands of cars in all price everything. Told reporters that the owner of the car, from the buyers point of view, many used car buyers are usually first-time buyers, take a first try to buy a psychological means of transport, so the car will target these buyers tend to reduce . Used cars under 1.6L displacement, in terms of vehicle condition, age or price, both in the market edge.

Second-hand car market, the various second-hand car dealers to each other, kind enough to sell to their customers, "vehicle in super good" car. The king of a cab company boss told reporters: "If you are lucky, one the fastest car that day will be able to sell, a resale three-thousand dollars to earn." Plan to buy second-hand cars, Mr. Xu was a fancy September 2009 Geely King Kong had just sold the registration, mileage is 10,000, Banqi offer after all the documents of 4.5 million, after some bargaining, the owner said the king, up to 2,000 yuan, "The car is very good What is new, you do not hurry the decision, she would be bought by other people. "

More convenient one-stop service

The current status of the old motor vehicles and property audits, and professional evaluation process, the used car market in the city can enjoy one-stop service, will transfer to 3 business days past the process, reduced to one working day completed.

In the eyes of many consumers, buying used cars have their own cost after maintenance, it is to buy used cars in the past have borne the risk. This year, the reporter learned that the city used cars car market, has launched service for the used car buyers, that is, buying used car warranty is about to enjoy. "In the past the used car trade, businesses and stores only an intermediary, consumers bought sights, then all problems need to solve their own money." In the eyes of the industry, which is a transaction of asymmetric information, formal used car transaction process should include professional assessment, legal and appropriate transfer of the warranty period, to prevent individual car dealer fraud in the transaction process.