Used car "by the young" 3-year-old claims million customers

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Yesterday, Mr. Hu to the newspaper reflect the people of Nanchang, Nanchang, Xin Bo He was in the automobile trade Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bo Xin Company) bought a secondhand van. But Zheliang car factory in 2005, dealers have the factory in 2008 was sold to him, he felt cheated, they ask for compensation for 1 million, but was refused. The car out of the true age of the vehicle after a fault exposure According to Mr. Hu introduced on July 12, his second-hand automobile market in Jiangxi Xin Bo venue fancy an eight company van, the sales staff told him the car in 2008, the price was 2.3 yuan. "At that time, after the test drive I felt that I can, and sales invoices issued by the factory show car for the first time the date is August 17, 2008." Hu said, precisely because of these credentials, he readily bought car. November 15, Hu car broke down en route to the Jiujiang. Sent to the car repair shop, maintenance personnel found the car after checking the engine broke down. Moreover, the maintenance of the engine on the master also pointed to the date told him: "This is the 2005 car." Look after Mr. Hu was surprised. Requirements of businesses denied compensation 10,000 Day after Hu returned to Nanchang, the company found Xin Bo million total. "Million total to my answer is because people neglect the car's release date wrong. They willing to 2,000 yuan as compensation." In this regard, Hu said it could not accept, he believes his company throughout Xin is a trap set up deceive him, so he ask for compensation for 10,000 yuan of money. But Mr. Hu's request was rejected by Xin Bo. Both sides expressed their wish, the consultation Yesterday afternoon, Xin Bo million total the company, said in an interview, after investigation, he learned that the staff of the factory to another date with a van bought Zheliang Hu, confused. To this end, Mr Hu said he specifically told the sorry, Mr. Hu insisted from the beginning the company to lie to him so he was very angry. Talked about how to deal with the matter, million total, said the two sides can further consultations, but I hope that Mr. Hu not to make exorbitant demands. Hu also expressed willingness to further negotiation.