Seize the opportunity to sell used car of a three-year old Canton serves decent

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Buy - can not see buying a "problem car" Car way: try to select the vendor of the brand used cars, so there is protection but also the quality of service; to participate in second-hand car auction will also be a good idea, one vehicle condition is clear, and second, the price is very transparent; transactions between individuals to ask knowledgeable people pointing, try to avoid "cattle" at the car. Closer inspection: 1, to find traces of accidents and hazards. Find the carpet inside the car opened the following possession of the body is flawed, carefully observed to see if the door repainted. 2, note the rubber on the pedal masked, where most can reveal the vehicle's actual age. 3, observed especially in front tire wear. Poor tire itself, indicating that the overall situation of the car in question. 4, the understanding of body condition. Careful observation and the axle at the edge of the fender to see parts wear. Or look at the outer end of the exhaust pipe to check the extent of their old or rusty. 5, see the appearance of the engine, identify signs of leaking oil. Start the engine exhaust gases observed color. If it is good description of translucent pale gray; black that the engine did not adjust well; blue that the engine is already very tired; white pad is illustrated in the cylinder about to be scrapped. 6, check the vehicle performance. To detect vehicles driving through the state in person is absolutely essential, in particular, to examine the various electrical appliances. 7, was driving a distance, so the engine up to proper temperature carefully listening to the engine to see any abnormal sound. Procedures for examination and transfer of: the adequacy of inspection procedures for vehicles, such as road maintenance fees are paid is completed, the certificate are complete car, insurance, vehicle use tax, motor vehicle environmental signs, etc. are complete, whether to deal with such violations, the transaction must be completed procedures for transfer, including transfer to the insurance, so as to ensure their own interests. Sell - seize the opportunity serves decent price Price cut in time for the new car before the shot Market price of the used car new car prices of the impact of very large. Used car prices are converted according to the new car, new car prices ten thousand yuan, although the cars down, but not ten thousand yuan will be greatly devalued. Relatively fast in recent years, new car prices, many cars half the price only a few years ago, for example, almost 2002 years ago, sold 150,000 yuan Hou Boluo, now sell more than 80,000 yuan, used car valuation naturally very low. Baltic market price in 2002 is now generally 5 million yuan, is considered a very preservation of the cars. On holiday before the price is usually the peak period of the vehicle, so the best used cars to sell more than a month before the big fake shot. Three years of selling cars is a Hom In general, the industry in the calculation of the value of a used car when the habit is the "10-year depreciation method": the first 3 years by 15% annually in value terms, between 4 years 10% reduction per year in value terms, the last 3 years 5% decrease in value each year to calculate. Used Car Expert price of comprehensive car changes, the depreciation rate and condition and other aspects of proposed changes of the third year, the sixth year of selling cars or selling cars the best deals. Because the third year of selling cars, new car prices still not change much. Time change, the prices do not fall too low. If more than three years, I would prefer to open a few years, and so drive to the first 6 years after starting out the status of the vehicle, and then sell too late. "Second car" the fastest fall Not buy a car, in addition to collection of cars, car virtually no appreciation of the possibility of a new car one hand, they begin to fall. The "gap" while the largest is the "second car", that is, car owners around 1 to 3 models, which can contain more than 15% of the annual price depreciation and normal depreciation.