Volkswagen models such as targeting only the most practical to buy used cars

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Car To see whether you have done so to buy a car Mr. Wang since 2004, there have been shot 3 times and used car buying experience, experience is very rich. Recently, the reporter made a special trip to the Wang interviewed, the experience of his car introduced to the readers. Look at cars Volkswagen models as far as possible sights First look at the price to sell used cars, see models, see vehicle condition. Other than that, Mr. Wang point out that market share should avoid buying those that have little or discontinued models, and then like it better not to start with. Because these cars as the market share is low, stop and other reasons, its difficult to buy parts, maintenance, the price is relatively high. Therefore, in considering the purchase of second-hand car, it should be the main vehicle for the purchase of the public, be practical. Otherwise it may be bought for himself a collection. Bargain Not the same as the proportion of different vehicle bargain For used cars, price is important, but many consumers the price of used cars in the end how much water, how to buy used cars bargain is still relatively blank. Mr. Wang concluded a basic workable formula. If you see is a middle and low domestic hot-selling models, such as Otto, Jetta, etc., used car dealers in the price of water is rarely the time, so the bargain price when to cut the price after the 5% more appropriate; on the high end, you can bargain a little hard, but control about 10% is more appropriate; As for those popular models, can be less heavy-handed, 20% price cut has been insufficient. Mr. Wang said, involves the can "cut" a lot of places, whether procedures, parts, accessories, etc., are likely to be bargain of the reasons, but also must understand that "the sky will not fall out", some low prices outrageous car, or to stay more than a look in mind.