Sang Dana, GLi is basic model

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Offer the price: ¥ 25000 yuan

Model: Sang Dana, GLi is basic model
Go up card area Jiangxi is saved - Nanchang Primary vehicle utility Be not battalion carry Car category Car
The model is The masses Model brand Sang Dana Car place of production Homebred
Go up card time 1994-12 Transmission The hand is moved Travel kilometer 200000
Car color Blue-black Car condition First-rate Safe 2008-7
Raise travelling expenses 2007-9 Yearly check 2007-11 Car boat royalities 0-0
Car condition is described Engine never has been moved, opening the person of my car to dare not believe is car of 95 years, insufficient is: 1Damping is not quite good 2 door have bit of indisposition to the friend of need does not miss an opportunity

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