The engine oil that car maintains 3 filter piece

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Mention undertake in car maintenance most frequent change engine oil for 3 filter project, it is very much the friend that does not drive is witting also; Nevertheless, if specific ask about this 3 filter after all specific the word that is what and they respective action, be afraid is not everybody understand, below ordinal introducing.

Engine oil, namely the abbreviation of engine lubricating oil, belong to lube one of this one big range, main effect rises to engine namely lubricant, clean, cooling, sealed, decrease grind wait for action; And the 3 strain that we often say are to point to engine oil filter, air filter and benzine filter.

So why should we change regularly for car engine oil and 3 filter? Might as well the introduction that allows us to pass pair of respective utility will explain:

1.Engine oil action and change frequency:

Above all, to having " car blood " for the engine oil that say, can deteriorate after be used for a long time, if change not in time to meet those who increase engine to wear away to cause a component to damage even, because of this proposal car advocate people want according to the car advocate the specification of manual changes in time engine oil, generally speaking, probably every 5000 kilometers should change engine oil.
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Change should need to discharge metamorphism old oil above all when engine oil, add new oil from engine cabin subsequently.

2.Action of engine oil filter and change frequency:

Because engine oil wants to pass engine oil filter (abbreviation machine filter) ability reachs lubricant place, because the action of filter of this engine oil is right,the engine oil that enters engine system undertakes foreign matter filters, in case engine oil is using circular process the impurity of ceaseless interfuse (dirt, the metal is drossy and the colloid content that engine oil forms by oxidation) cause oil duct to jam, and even the occurrence of the serious consequence such as attaint engine. And what at present most car uses is not dismountable the one-time filter that clean, accordingly generally speaking, change in every 5000 kilometers engine oil while also should change machine filter, in order to make sure engine oil is right the good and lubricant effect of engine.
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