How to choose engine oil correctly to love car

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Usually, engine oil is making what when maintaining, change to the car, for instance 5000 kilometers maintain. Most person is drive the car in 4S inn, oneself need not are in charge of, the person in inn gives directly change (former plant is installed formerly) , or the person in inn gives due option range, car advocate one chooses inside this limits oneself want change next. Most person is not to understand very much to the knowledge of engine oil, because one is too professional, another is to disrelish a trouble. "Anyway money is not much also, change about the same, won't appear what problem goes " this is most car advocate state of mind, so they are willing to choose car manual more (manual) or the commendation of the employee in inn.

But these engine oil character differ the engine oil that if met what repairman of a carefree perhaps thinks seek is violent to repair a factory,they can give you to impose frame-up rule quite (renovate engine oil for example) , your love car can suffer disaster. The influence that the engine oil with bad character brings nots allow to ignore, the engine that can let you gently produces abnormal knocking, can cause again start pull a crock to burn made of baked clay, crankshaft to be held in the arms dead, possible still even meeting causes turbine supercharger to be burned dead, 3 yuan of catalysis implement toxic etc. The engine oil that chooses to place when the car maintains so wants great attention.

The property social estate of the composition of the use that wants right vehicle giving love to choose engine oil to have to understand engine oil first, engine oil and engine oil.
The function of engine oil: 1, lubricant 2, cooling 3, clean 4, sealed, 5, antirust
The composition of engine oil: 1, base oil 2, additive. Among them base oil is occupied 95% the left and right sides, the stand or fall of engine oil product is very big degree depends on the stand or fall of uses base oil. Additive has: Kosher and viscosity index improver, dispersive agent, fight grind agent, antioxidant, will coagulate the agent attrition improver, antirust, agent that fight bubble.
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The property social estate of engine oil by API (American Petroleum Institute) of American oil consortium: The organization that establishs engine oil standard will decide the performance level of engine oil, specific as follows:
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