Analytic Xin Yage 3 years 100 thousand kilometer guarantees policy

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New perhaps elegant cabinet [quote picture] appear on the market the price did not make consumer surprizing, but 3 years when this wide rolling out / 100 thousand kilometer guarantees just is greater material benefit. May most consumer is not clear about 3 years / of 100 thousand kilometer guaranteeing is what concept, the author does an analysis here.

Above all, at present major intermediate car offers guarantee the service is 2 years / 60 thousand kilometer (50 thousand kilometer) , basically see which standard arrive first. From the point of the regulation of manufacturer, the car that means you is annual should exercise 30 thousand kilometer, but to family and unit, differ very far, oneself uses a possibility 1 year also with respect to 10 thousand kilometer, but the unit uses a likelihood 1 year to run 60 thousand kilometer.

Next, what at present car of major luxurious entrance offers is 3 years / of 4 years of 80 thousand kilometer, 100 thousand kilometer guarantee, but the price is in 500 thousand upgrade, because this new elegant cabinet is enjoyed, is C class [quote picture] of the car guarantee service.

But, competitor of photograph comparing old brand Kaimeirui [quote picture] 2 years / 50 thousand kilometer guarantees, consumer cannot think purely to compare Kaimeiruiduo namely 1 year guarantee or the distance of 50 thousand kilometer, because manufacturer also is rational, guarantee of policy make mean in this during inside the probability that gives an issue is smaller, guarantee period accident is be opposite by the manufacturer after maintenance cost and essence of product quality course think definitely, be in those who ensure to be made below the premise of profit. Accordingly, a lot of consumer can send what passed two years now to guarantee period hind, the breakdown probability of the car begins to increase, but this moment buys sheet with respect to need him consumer.
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What Xin Yage puts forward is longer guarantee period, can you bring how old material benefit to consumer? According to the investigation to one part consumer, had been in guarantee period inside a year, the average upkeep costs of advanced car is in 8000 yuan or so in, tall criterion 20000 yuan of above, and to Xin Yage, this cost won't produce completely.
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