Big house noble 2000   2. 0 hand stirs file

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Offer the price: ¥ 5000 yuan

Model: Big house noble 2000   2. 0 hand stirs file
Go up card area Shandong is saved - power sea Car category Car Primary vehicle utility Be not battalion carry
Fair car / illicit car Illicit car Car color Silver grey is lubricious Transmission The hand is moved
Travel kilometer 230000 Car condition Good Car boat royalities 2006-8
Safe 2006-8 Raise travelling expenses 2007-1 Yearly check 2006-8
Car condition is described 5000 yuan secondhand 2000 cars measure big house noble 2 rows ran 230 thousand kilometer is an enterprise so what with the car automobile body of gray of provincial license plate maintains is better. Because have,cannot do not have almanac one year with change the name of owner in a register.13479881760 short message contacts blame of 5000 yuan of a price sincere not faze

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