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Dispatch of northward net car: A few days ago, the Mengdiou that by Chinese car tripartite alliance of pictorial of car of Ford of athletic federation, Chang'an, China sponsors - send the Chinese car that gets the better of star to train battalion v/arc be on the throne to tell a state at Beijing athletic federation grooms inside base wonderful perform! 11 are become red movie and TV, musical circle, music, chair, model and Olympic Games star and Mengdiou - send get the better of had intimate contact!

This period send get the better of " star " osculatory leading role is the famous balladeer that everybody is familiar with very much and loves, actual strength start musical person formerly old wolf. Mengdiou - send get the better of star to train battalion activity that day, old wolf just opens section of jazz of general honest international to return from south Africa, expression shows exhaustion slightly, bequeath is returned to wear on the face sunshine trace. But these did not affect old wolf to experience Mengdiou personally - send the warmth that get the better of. Start musical person formerly as outback old brand, old wolf drives inland to start musical development formerly in ground of do one's best all the time, his accord that creates actual strength to acquire domestic music group not only reputably, got the attention of international person of the same trade and affirmation at the same time, on March 24, old wolf is opened organizing committee of section of jazz of general honest international invites, go attending before the delegate that regards Chinese music as the person.

Perhaps mention old wolf, a lot of people can begin in spite of oneself hum sing " with of the desk you " , " love love prostitution " , those clean guitar are spiccato, those pure campus feelings, hover does not go. Very difficult perhaps somebody can mix the gentle and emaciated, old wolf that looks a little undemonstrative the word that uses and so on of car of feeling, speed, violent wind is contacted together, but in the old wolf besides music, its love car rate to be able to be used " mad wild " will describe.

"The car is the delegate of speed and force me to, can satisfy my pursuit to ultimate rate, resemble a moment ago opening Mengdiou - send get the better of run on circuit, can experience the speed of the car feels truly, particularly marvellous. And the amplification that had a car to mean life radius, mean more possibility to be created to come out. Mean more possibility to be created to come out..
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