Automobile body nick maintains and the doohickey of repair

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Have a car, hard to avoid can happen to blow loiter smally, be gotten on in automobile body by others even lay off nick, look at feel distressed. How to judge, how to maintain share a few little experience with broad car friend now:

1, no matter what kind of car can have or big or little scar. Does bruise cause how old loss to expressing lacquer? How can be ability repaired? Must consider to deal with correctly method. If be not quite marked bruise, clever method is to not be in charge of it.

2, the car has abrade, repairing a method best is bruise part fill on as same as automobile body plated film dose. Plated film agent can besmear, 2, 3, the time is more, can besmear neatlier. But the even processing of whole automobile body is very important also.

3, if little scar is very shallow scratch watch lacquer only, use intermixture processing instantly, wipe a method to be wipe point-blank. After bruise disappears, waxing is hit again after be being wiped with finer intermixture.

4, the bruise with deeper scratch, the key is to observe whether metallic face is shown, if cannot see metallic face won't rust, attentively Tu Shangxiu acts the role of lacquer. With nib the dot goes up, wait for lacquer to work completely next.

5, very deep but long and thin bruise, with color putty can be repaired very well. Bruise place uses sand paper, do not enlarge bruise face casually, important is smudgy and will cleared clean. Putty wants carefully daub, those who make is complete enter interior. The intermixture on final blot out, cerated, end activity.

6, cave processing is automobile body one of the most troublesome jobs in maintaining, important is dozen of good a copy kept as a record, if this measure is done bad, besmear pretends to get again good result not beautiful. When spray paint, it is good with newspaper block to do not forget all around, make coating does not want to all round diffuse.

7, after discovery is rusty, begin to solve instantly, if indulge no matter, rust spot can expand slowly. Preventing rusty method is to use sand paper rub-up, or synthesize an agent with the chemistry that makes rust spot changes. Differ according to the circumstance, use respectively.

8, all round door, boot stickup waterproof flake easily, screwy. But if do not have burst, be out of shape, can use again, need only it new and stickup, can prevent slack. The elastic force that restores balata itself with protective agent is very main also.

9, the bruise processing technique that insurance carries is burr expurgation, what the putty on pothole part besmear makes is flowing. Special putty, prepare all sorts of color, choose the most adjacent color. With bumper of automobile body concolorous, spray paint is very important.
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