Is the trap of car danger clause is insurer profit essential?

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If say insurance price is confused, it is market of whole vehicle danger only " random elephant " explicit expression, so the pitfall that is obscured in clauses backside just is the essential place that insurance company earns profit.

In seemingly fair insurance product, the policy-holder that the description of a large number of professional term and awkward-sounding makes be in weak force originally already in the mist in the cloud, add upside to divide a clause to narrate amphibolous, crucial setting not transparent, criterion more make policy-holder " be most willing to " the ground drops " trap " .

Experience " trap "

Execute in birthday danger industry cast after maintaining clew system, motor-driven car is cast protect rose to also implement clew system on May 1 from this year.

Website of insurance company of entry Pacific Ocean, click " car danger " , those who take the lead in seeing is be aimed at policy-holder first " motor-driven car is cast protect clew " . "Clew " share 6, among them the 2nd emphasizes emphasize: Before policy-holder signs insurance contract, the insurance liability in answering to read clauses seriously, responsibility absolves the content such as the extraordinary agreement in reaching insurance policy, all sorts of referenced elements in paying close attention to insurance cost to calculate mainly...

However, part to do business in Beijing to two insurance company with policy-holder identity when the reporter be undertaken dark when visitting, still the clause that nearly falls to had hinted " trap " .

On August 16, the reporter comes to the branch of an insurance company. In be informed a reporter to be cast of purpose after protecting, the car condition cipher out that business personnel offers very quickly according to the reporter insurance cost. Below the reporter's requirement, business personnel offerred blank to the reporter insurance application and " clause of motor-driven car all-risks insurance " . Face be as long as 8 pages (among them 2 pages are pair of clauses " special edit " ) , amount to 100 clause, this business personnel did not become overmuch explanation to the reporter.

After this, the reporter that leaves angrily is very sharp arrived from the experience in another insurance company introduction " trap " agonized.

Be in business place of another insurance company, the two handcart that the reporter expresses to he has to just was bought to business personnel likewise prepare to cast protect, the use fixed number of year that business personnel asked car above all and buy the price, calculate an insurance cost very quickly. Right now, the reporter notices, business personnel keeps take time in computation and buy car price without what offer according to the reporter, the new car that presses this model however purchases the price to undertake the nucleus is protected.
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