Differentiate fake fittings?

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The data that provides according to door of the Ministry of Communication makes clear, in traffic accident of nearly 3 years, super- period the car of battle is occupied 41.2% , use false and inferior spare parts occupy 13% . Because this masters a few differentiate fake the knowledge of product of car a replacement, for the person that to be engaged in the car drives or spare parts manages, very be necessary. Generally speaking, the following is differentiated more practical. 

1  looks pack. Former plant fittings is packed compare a standard commonly, unite standard norms, lettering handwriting clarity is normal, and sham product is packed presswork cheaper. See more, often find out flaw easily from what wrap mount. 

2  see color. Certain surface of former plant fittings appoints some kind of color, if receive other facial expression, it is fake spare parts.
3  visit appearance. Lettering of appearance of former plant fittings or typecasting and mark clarity are normal, and sham product surface is rough. 

4  see paint. Illegal businessman machines classics of useless old fittings simply, if tear open, outfit, go all out, collect, brush the processing such as lacquer, pretend to be qualification to taste again sell, get profit of high specified number illegally.

5  read quality of a material. The material of former plant fittings is to press a design to ask to use high grade data, sham product is to introduce generation of cheap and inferior material more. 
6  see technology. Although exterior of false and inferior product is pretty good, but because make craft difference, appear easily intense grain, arenaceous aperture, slag inclusion, burr or touch. For instance air cylinder fills up extruding to be out of shape, when using cause easily sealed and lax and ablation, bring about leakage oily, flat and slack wait for a phenomenon; Piston and thorn of hairiness of face of tabulation of piston annulus labour pull a crock easily. 

7  look " store " . If car a replacement appears weather-shack, oxidation

Change, become angry or the problem such as ageing, the likelihood is to deposit an environment poor, store the reason such as difference of itself of long, material creates time. 

8  look " joint " . If produce clutch piece rivet loosens, juncture of core of filter of sealing off, paper quality is in connect of spare parts of come unglued of canal of skin of apply the brake, electric equipment the phenomenon such as come away, cannot use. 

9  read a label. The mark on some normal component has certain sign, for instance when coping of gear, piston assemble mark, with will make sure parts is installed correctly, do not have some to cannot be bought. 
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