Wo Erwo C30 designs a contest " black and white match " plan be the champion

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Overturn traditional this the Wo Erwo C30 that the Naweiya of can designs a style is home double door of the first type that lift a back racing bike of 4 luxurious litter, the tradition that it will come from Sweden and vogue, inside collect and passion along with all the others ignition. And as Woerwo the banner leaves the youngest familial member, c30 goes in sale strategy side also is more lively circuitry. A few days ago, in the contest of design of 〞 of 〝 Design Your Own Volvo C30 that holds in Woerwo, attracted near 6000 people to take part in the match, eventual winner is year only woman engineer Marie Karlsson of 23 years old, and the award of this champion is a C30 1.8F! .

To this contest, bengt Junemo of chief inspector of advertisement of Wo Erwo Personbilar Sverige expresses: This C30 designs %26ldquo; the match, the sale to C30 will have openly help. Our activity pays close attention to above all before this one match attracted nearly 112 thousand netizen, and the muster rate that the link that designs the game about this exceeded 81 thousand times, this can be the unprecedented spectacular event when past banner gets off the paragraph is rolled out, the photograph that it is thus clear that this activity holds should succeed. And be in this activity, consumer be attractioned basically is given priority to with youth and female, and the cause client crowd that this also accorded with C30 lock to decide.

The C30 that begins in this year April designs the game, in May the bottom ends formally. In 6000 players, single out 70 person that be seleted above all, again contractible finally reach 5, after the course evaluates final appraise through comparison, champion origin is obtained from engineer of Marie Karlsson woman, besides champion pot more absorbing is, champion winner Marie Karlsson will obtain a C30 1.8F!

Marie Karlsso hears this message to still dare not believe at the beginning, but be replaced by ecstatic place along with even if, and male friend is conceived together and the design inspiration of Marie Karlsso comes with its, match for the bottom with black car section white flowers totem and more in the light of traffic air force is covered guide lacquer of different gules metal car. And the part is decorated in the interior of car, plaque exchanged lily-white data, give birth to engine of qualitative alcohol fuel in order to accord with the E85 that this C30 place carries.
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