Nanchang will hold Fair of the 2nd two handcart

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Dispatch of great river netDispatch of great river netInformation dailyInformation dailyReporter Yu Shaosan reports: Sponsor by Nanchang municipal government, the rich of the 5th steam that our newspaper and city of Jiangxi international car undertake jointly meeting and 2005 Nanchang Fair of the 2nd two handcart will be in on May 4 at coming on April 30 city of Jiangxi international car is held. This is Jiangxi provincial join up to now exhibit car most, ginseng exhibits an area the biggest, force is the most extensive two handcart Fair.

It is reported, this two handcart Fair was attracted come from Jiangxi provincial nearly 40 two handcart companies that have actual strength and broker ginseng are exhibited, ginseng exhibit an area to amount to 5000 square metre, ginseng exhibit car to also will exceed 200, it is rich of the 5th steam the one large window on the meeting. On Fair, besides undertaking to two handcart the spot is revealed, still will undertake cash of displacement of two handcart auction, two handcart, two handcart is bought wait for a variety of trading activity.

According to the 2nd controller of organizing committee of two handcart Fair introduces, holding this two handcart Fair is to want to pass this kind of more intuitionistic, stereoer means to show two handcart market to the person that look around the wide development perspective, elegant demeanour that reveals two handcart, raise consumer to be opposite secondhand, activation thereby Jiangxi is exciting and two handcart market, secondhand the car clinchs a deal quantity.