Oil price rises successively, lv of the take an examination before two handcart

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Close paragraph since time, oil price rises is the topic that consumer pays close attention to all the time, also brought to car market a series of chain-reacting. So, buy a car, sell a car how to answer oil price to rise, what kind of is their reaction?

■ the car city that oil price rises
Occurrence %26ldquo; of two handcart city with changing small %26rdquo; appearance greatly
Recently, the reporter understands when two handcart market visits square of car of China harbor, name, after oil price rises, small platoon measures two handcart to sell well, and two handcart market appeared %26ldquo; with be being changed greatly small (sell counterchange to measure a vehicle into small big quantity car namely) the phenomenon of %26rdquo; , 30% what %26ldquo; took two handcart sales volume with changing small %26rdquo; greatly.

It is better that small platoon measures two handcarts sell
The reporter is aimed at buy how old the issue that the platoon measures two handcart undertook investigating to 15 consumer, findings shows, the person that has 80% shows, when buying two handcart unified exam Lv buys 1.6 litres of the following car, the person of nearly 20% expresses to be able to buy the old car that discharge an amount. %26ldquo; is two handcart at present is off-season, since oil price after rising, the sales volume of two handcart more be inferior to once upon a time, a month can sell 56 cars previously, a month can sell 3 two cars only now. The car of 2.8L above still can go two before, sell at all now did not move, the two handcart that are small quantity are more welcome. Two handcart of %26rdquo; agent Mr Zhao plaints.

%26ldquo; reduces the cost that raise a car with changing small %26rdquo; greatly
The reporter understands in interview, since oil price after rising, partial car him chief commander the old car that discharge an amount sells counterchange to measure a vehicle into small, the purpose reduces the cost that raise a car namely. Mr Li tells two handcart agent the reporter, close paragraph since time, a lot of cars advocate the big platoon in handle measured two handcart to change small platoon to measure two handcart.

Car advocate Mr Wang calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, the 2.8L of the car that be the same as a paragraph compares 1.6L much waste time of every 100 kilometers is oily 8 litres, in order to use 93 gas, every month runs 800 kilometers are exemple, so, 2.8L compares 1.6L money of every many months of attar 372 yuan, come down one year floriferous 4000 multivariate money, this is a not small amount to labour firewood estate.

Good economy Zhang calculates first before buying a car
Current, of oil price rise make the cost that raise a car raises ceaselessly, even if the car of a 1.6L, the oily money of every month also wants 100 yuan to compare much before pay, more even. Accordingly, the personage inside course of study warns customer, economic Zhang must calculate first before buying a car, no matter be new car, still be two handcart, the charge that raise a car must be in you can inside susceptive limits.
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