Charge is reduced, formalities simplifies new politics activation is secondhand

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The new measure that Mr Wang says, it is this year the bottom was promulgated in August, carry out formally on October 1 " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " (the following abbreviation is new " method " ) . Before, two handcart trade all the time of continue to use is to was promulgated 1998 carry out " method of buying operation of old motor vehicle " (the following abbreviation is old " method " ) , meantime, be apart full 7 years of much time.

%26ldquo; is new %26quot; method %26quot; after carrying out, the change with the most apparent market trades namely the quantity increases, two handcart price glides. %26rdquo; Beijing old motor vehicle trades Wang Meng of chief of market information department tells a reporter, the end of the year is two handcart commonly trade busy season, on one hand, agency is used to handling stock before New Year, otherwise New Year arrives, two handcart allowance for depreciation increases, profit can decrease, this also makes partial agency undertake to having car stockDepreciateProcessing; On the other hand, new policy makes charge of two handcart buying operation decreases, stimulated two handcart to trade.

Wang Meng expresses, preliminary count, of current market trade the volume rose 20 % , predict two handcart trade this year the quantity will be achieved 170 thousand reach 180 thousand, exceed 145 thousand of last year to already was become finality.

Buying operation cost is reduced

%26ldquo; comes 7 years, two handcart market trades the volume rose 67 times, the economy such as Beijing, Chengdu, Guangdong developeds the private car of the area retains the quantity already occupied local car to retain the 50 % above of gross, car output grows quickly, the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of car product and change of frequency accelerate, the fast that is two handcart market is crash long provided motive power. Wagon flow of %26rdquo; China steam connects association vice-chairman to hold secretary-general Shen Jinjun concurrently to tell a reporter. But a reality that nots allow to ignore is: The contradiction between the opposite lag that two handcart markets of our country are in current managing to go up and high speed development still very outstanding, this also is the setting that new policy publishs.

Reporter course investigates discovery, with old " method " photograph comparing, new " method " abolished fee of change the name of owner in a register not only, buying operation charge also is reduced subsequently.

Old " method " regulation, when two handcart do business, must undertake enforcing assessment, car of staff member basis besides open car giving test to evaluate sheet, the data that gets on check car sheet next inputs computer, the system is evaluated automatically make price, car advocate the 2.5 % that want pay to assess value are expended as change the name of owner in a register.

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