Japanese vehicle models used car prices staged a large stake recall

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Auto news of the recall can be seen almost every day, just like is has become commonplace, the recall of vehicles is no longer the object of focus, and for Toyota last year recalled a similar incident caused an uproar door, no longer is one popular topic. However, in recent days issued with major car prices auto recall information, we once again had to wake up, recall and re-to look at this common event. Manufacturers selling cars out of the vehicles were recalled, it is certainly not a small vehicle itself out of the question, affected the brand image that is inevitable, in the brand image and quality of the double impact, the car will also be preserving and increasing the rate of the corresponding impact, then the second-hand car market is the price that the vehicle involved in the recall are also at risk, the market will decline in competitiveness, both brokers and consumers need to be carefully identified, one side by the unnecessary loss. We only preserve and increase the rate from the perspective of analysis, preserving the value of Japanese cars rate relative to his competitors in terms of German cars in general is relatively low, plus the scars of last year, Toyota recall, apart from not fully subsided, and now Toyota Motor Once again, a larger range of recall condition, presumably in addition to second-hand cars, new cars will also be affected to some degree. Large number of vehicles recalled nearly 20 million units, the number may seem not much, but Toyota is still play a leading role. The recalled models mainly in 2003 and produced between 2006, the year a large part of the car has been in the used car market circulation, largely due to being recalled because the brake system is a problem, this However, the safety of occupants involved in major issues. Consumer safety is just important to play a decisive factor in the man of God are not the appropriate security guarantees, then who will risk their lives running around driving your car does. One can imagine, with the pending recall the whirlwind, used car market place related to the Japanese cars, will vary in price, and when you choose a car and more should be carefully checked, and if you buy the problem as if the vehicle will be a time bomb to take home. Toyota relentless tenderness again and again the mind of consumers, almost to the point of universal condemnation, and do not know what Toyota did when enough is enough, not doing things that harm consumers. And I dare one here, all the recalled brands, and your boss is also a day ride this car?